Awards received – INNOVAR 2018


First prize awarded to Fernando Granieri for his project:

Electric energy saving, up to 60% in the Plastic Industry, using Electromagnetic Induction Heaters YPF Foundation Award

winners of INNOVAR 2018

The prizes of the National Innovation Competition – INNOVAR 2018 were presented, within the framework of the exhibition open to the public that took place over three days at the Darwin San Isidro Space. In this edition, the INNOVAR grand prize

«It is not only a sample but the image of the future that is aspired for the country. More and more sophisticated technology, which we hope will reach the market, and improve the quality of people and generate quality employment,» he added, «we He knows creativity and that, in the future it will be a great quality.

First prize awarded to Fernando Granieri

Fostering and incorporating it will make the countries have a preponderant role, «said the secretary of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao, and congratulated all the contestants and invited them to continue participating. Also attending the award ceremony were the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Province of Buenos Aires, Jorge Elustondo; the mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse; the undersecretary general for culture of the municipality of San Isidro, Eleonora Jaugueriberry; the head of the General Coordination Unit, Alejandro Mentaberry; the secretary of Scientific-Technological Articulation, Agustín Campero; the Undersecretary for Institutional Coordination, Paula Nahirñak; the director of Articulation and Audiovisual Contents Fernando Moncy, among other authorities.

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