All the companies belonging to Fernando Granieri are small, but their Startup is based on a human organization with great capacity for change, which develops highly innovative products or services, highly desired or required by the market, where their design and marketing are completely customer oriented.

Global Business Services

We let you focus on your business. Our unique expertise in induction heating services creates valuable impact specific to your needs. As induction heating experts we guide you and deliver transformational outcomes. Discover how we innovate and use all digital opportunities to find the perfect

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  • Why Global Business Services

Our unique expertise in induction heating services creates a valuable impact that is tailored to our customers’ needs.

  • What makes us special

We innovate, design, transform and efficiently operate induction heatingservices. Our services are awarded prizes government, entities independent and industry experts.

  • How we work

As a Partner of Choice, we are passionate about providing smart and digital end-to-end solutions through our powerful global internal and external network.

Our services for you

  • Services induction heating

Misura Electric LLC, induction heating technology. Design, development and manufacture of induction heating equipment. Electromagnetic induction works.

  • Products induction heating

Misura Electric LLC designs induction heating equipment for your needs, no matter the size of your company . We produce some of the most versatile heat treating equipment on the market.

  • Consultation Services induction heating

MISURA ELECTRIC LLC. offers induction electromagnetic technology consulting services to assist its customers.

  • Field Service Bolt Induction Heating

Induction bolt heater, Service heated bolting, bolt remover induccion, Turbine Bolt Heating System

  • Training induction heating

Course covering the entire spectrum of induction heating technology.

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